A Selection of Our Handmade Chocolates

  • Lavender Truffle

    Lavender Truffle

  • Almond Butter Layer Cup

    Almond Butter Layer Cup

  • Berry Gin Fondant Liqueur

    Berry Gin Fondant Liqueur

  • Vegan Peppermint Truffle

    Vegan Peppermint Truffle

  • Almond Truffle

    Almond Truffle

  • Violet Fondant Cream

    Violet Fondant Cream

  • Praline Caramel Cup

    Praline Caramel Cup

  • Grand Marnier Truffle

    Grand Marnier Truffle

  • Sugar Free Orange Truffle

    Sugar Free Orange Truffle

  • Peanut Butter Caramel Cup

    Peanut Butter Caramel Cup

  • Raspberry Truffle

    Raspberry Truffle

  • Whisky Truffle

    Whisky Truffle

  • Coffee Cream Liqueur

    Coffee Cream Liqueur

CHOOSE SMALL BATCH HANDMADE CHOCOLATES FROM OUR WEBSITE CHOCOLATE SHOP AND PERSONALISE YOUR BOX! You can either choose your flavours, have a random selection, or fill it with a single flavour.

Made to our own recipes with only natural ingredients. All are gluten free with Vegan and Sugar Free options.

We send by Royal Mail first class post - flat rate £3.95 to UK mainland addresses.

Additional carriage charges apply for bulk orders or addresses beyond the UK mainland.

Ordering and storage advice: 

ORDERING TRUFFLES: Dairy Cream and Sugar Free Truffles should be eaten within 3 weeks of purchase and Vegan Truffles within 2 weeks of purchase to ensure that they are at their best. Store in a refrigerator. 

Creams, caramels, liqueurs, pralines and all bars are fine to be stored at normal room temperature and will keep for many months.

ORDERING PLACE NAMES AND PERSONALISED LOLLIES: Please allow 7 days from date of order for place names and personalised lollies as these are made individually for you. 

Large personalised orders and bulk packs - we will contact you on receipt of your order to arrange a convenient delivery date and to advise you of any additional carriage charges due. 

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To UK mainland addresses

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We use only the finest quality Belgian Chocolate and natural ingredients and make all our products by hand to our own unique recipes and designs - no gluten, vegetarian friendly with Vegan and Sugar Free options. You will find full details for ingredients of all our chocolates and bars and storage advice here.