Dairy Cream Chocolates, Vegan, Sugar Free and Gluten Free Chocolates

Made by hand, to our own unique recipes, from Belgian Chocolate and the finest natural ingredients - to ensure that our flavours are true to their names! Our recipes are all gluten free. Sugar Free and Vegan flavours available.

chocolate truffles

All our recipes are gluten free and are suitable for vegetarians.

Ordering Chocolate Truffles?. Eat Dairy Cream and Sugar Free Truffles within 3 weeks of purchase and Vegan Truffles within 2 weeks of purchase as they have no artificial preservatives. Store in a refrigerator.

Ordering creams, caramels and pralines? these do not need refrigerated storage and will last for many months.

Ordering Vegan? these are made only with Dark Belgian Chocolate varying between 54% cocoa and 70% cocoa content and natural plant or alcohol flavouring.

Ordering Sugar Free? our Belgian Chocolate is sweetened with Maltitol - there will be some naturally occuring sugars in these chocolates from the fruits and alcohols that give a variety of flavours.

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