A taster of our handmade chocolates

  • Lavender Truffle

    Lavender Truffle

  • Almond Butter Layer Cup

    Almond Butter Layer Cup

  • Berry Gin Fondant Liqueur

    Berry Gin Fondant Liqueur

  • Almond Truffle

    Almond Truffle

  • Cherry Brandy Truffle

    Cherry Brandy Truffle

  • Violet Fondant Cream

    Violet Fondant Cream

  • Coffee Truffle

    Coffee Truffle

  • Praline Caramel Cup

    Praline Caramel Cup

  • Grand Marnier Truffle

    Grand Marnier Truffle

  • Sugar Free Orange Truffle

    Sugar Free Orange Truffle

  • Peanut Butter Caramel Cup

    Peanut Butter Caramel Cup

  • Raspberry Truffle

    Raspberry Truffle

  • Whisky Truffle

    Whisky Truffle

  • Coffee Cream Liqueur

    Coffee Cream Liqueur

  • Dairy Free Mint Crunch Truffle

    Dairy Free Mint Crunch Truffle

BUY CHOCOLATES FROM OUR ONLINE SHOP AND CHOOSE EXACTLY WHAT GOES IN YOUR BOX! When buying a box you will be given the option to choose the chocolates,  have a random selection, or fill it with a single flavour.

All are individually handmade, to our own gluten free, vegetarian friendly recipes, from fine Belgian chocolate and natural ingredients. We rely on the quality of our ingredients to give our chocolates a true flavour - no added sweeteners, glucose or artificial flavourings.

We aim to send your order within 2 days* of purchase by Royal Mail 1st Class, to ensure your chocolates reach you quickly and in top condition. 

Ordering and storage advice:

Ordering Truffles? We recommend that Dairy Cream and Sugar Free Truffles are eaten within 3 weeks of purchase and Dairy Free/ Vegan Truffles within 2 weeks of purchase to ensure that they are at their best. Store in a refrigerator.

Bulk Packs? we will contact you on receipt of order to arrange a convenient delivery date

Creams, caramels, liqueurs, pralines and all bars are fine to be stored at normal room temperature and will keep for many months.

*Ordering Place Names or Personalised Lollies? Please allow 7 days from date of order for place names and personalised lollies as these are made individually for you.

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We use only the finest quality Belgian Chocolate and natural ingredients and make all our products by hand to our own unique recipes and designs. Our products are all vegetarian friendly and are made without gluten. You will find full details for ingredients of all our chocolates and bars and storage advice here.